Chapter 8 - The Plan is Out!

     The girls got in trouble by the mayor. At the mayor’s office…

     “Now girls, I know that your superpowers are very fragile, but you can’t use them unless you are saving Citytown.” said Mr. Frances. “Now I know that this was your first time, but can you please try to keep the destruction down, okay?” he asked.

     “Aright, we’re sorry.” said the girls.

     “That’s alright.” said Mr. Frances.

     “Thank-you for forgiving them Mr. Frances, I’m sure they didn’t do it on purpose.” said Mrs. Ables.

     “Thank-you Mrs. Ables. You are excused.” said Mr. Frances.

     “Girls, don’t ever let this happen again, okay?” said Mrs. Ables when they came out.

     “We promise.” they said. 

     “Good.” said Mrs. Ables.

     The girls walked home.

     “Let’s try to remember what we’re doing next time, girls.” said Jenny.

     “Yeah,” said Anne. “We don’t want to get in trouble again.”

     “Let’s go back home.” said Jenny.

     Then Rock saw them going back home. He followed them back. Then while the girls were walking inside, Jeff and Vennessa saw them.

     “Let’s go!” said Jeff.

     Then they got all of the boys form the girls’ class, even Rock, and took them into Jeff’s lab. Jeff started to begin.

     “Ahem…my fellow followers-“ said Jeff.

     “Hey Jeff! Is this some kind of a meeting?” Rock cut in.

     Jeff sighed. “Yes Rock.” said Jeff.

     Can I be the speaker?” asked Rock.

     “No.” said Jeff.

     “Then can I say that opposite day is real?” asked Rock.

     “You better no!” said Jeff. “Anyway, I called all of you to CONQUER THE WORLD! Well, actually it’s not. But I have a plan to get rid of all girls!”

     Everyone started to cheer.

     “Thank-you, thank-you, now calm down now please.” said Jeff.

     Then Vennessa came in.

     “Hey! Wait a minute! I thought you said saying pleases was an unveil way! And I’m a girl!” said Vennessa.

     “Uh, well-“ started Jeff.

     “And you’re hogging this conversation!” said Vennessa.

     “Wait-let me explain-“ said Jeff.

     “And I want to tell them the plan! Ladies first.” said Vennessa.

     “Fine!” said Jeff.

     “This is gonna take a while.” said Hilary.

     “Duh!” said Ed.

     “Now,” said Vennessa. “I’m Vennessa, Jeff’s partner, and-“

     “Partner!” said Jeff. “You’re not my partner! You’re my sidekick!”

     “You never kick a lady!” said Vennessa.

     “Are you actually a lady, or are you a teenager?” asked Jeff.

     “I am not!” said Vennessa.

     “Oh, so you’re saying you’re not a lady?” asked Jeff.

     “No!” said Vennessa. “Ah man, just say your speech!”

     “Finally!” said Jeff. “Well, here’s my plan to destroy my sisters. First, I give you superpowers.”

     “Cool!” said Nicolas.

     “Then, we use the superpowers to beat up the girls. There will be 11 of us and only 3 of them! We’ll win right off the back! So who’s with me?” asked Jeff.

     “YEAH!” yelled the boys.

     “Wait a minute!” yelled Vennessa.

     “Not again…” said Jeff.

     “Well there are 10 boys and 1 of you!” said Vennessa.

     “So?” asked Jeff.

     “So you forgot me!” said Vennessa.

     “Okay, okay, 12…” said Jeff.

     “Perfect!” said Vennessa.

     “Okay! Let’s go get some superpowers!” said Jeff.

     “Yeah!” shouted the boys.

     They went over to the potion part of the room.

     “Okay, here are my potions. Now we need to find better powers than those girls. Rock! Go get the potions that you used to make my sisters!” said Jeff.

     “What sisters?” asked Rock.

     Jeff smacked himself on the head.

     “The sisters…Jenny, Anne, and Rosie?” said Jeff.

     “Oh yeah!” said Rock. “I’ll go get them.”

     “No Rock! Go get the ingredients you used to make them!” said Jeff.

     “Oh.” said Rock.

     Rock got girl powder and girl liquid.

     “No Rock! We’re boys, not girls!” said Jeff. Though sometimes you act like a girl, Rock.”

     “Do not!” said Rock.

     “Do too!” said Jeff.

     “Do not!” said Rock.

     “Do too!” said Jeff.

     “Do not!” said Rock.

     “Do too!” said Jeff.

     “What did I tell you?” asked Hilary.

     Hilary knew what the potion was and made it while Jeff and Rock were fighting.

     “Okay boys, come and get it!” said Hilary.

     The boys came rushing over.

     “Let me get a hold of Rock before he has a cow.” said Hilary.  

     Rock and Jeff was thumb wrestling to see who was right.

     “Rock! Jeff! I already made the potion! So you don’t have to fight anymore!” said Hilary.

     “Oh.” they both said.

     “Wait a minute!” said Vennessa, who was just sitting around waiting for all of the fighting to be over. “I’m a girl, remember?”

     “Yeah…” said Hilary.

     “That’s boy powder and boy liquid! Get me some girl powder and girl liquid!” said Vennessa.

     “I was hoping you would say that!” said Rock.

     “Oh boy…” said Vennessa sarcastically.

     Rock raced over to the potion cabinet.

     “Okay, okay. Now where is girl powder and girl liquid?” he asked himself.

     Rock found it and poured it on Vennessa.

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Vennessa.

     “Oh, sorry Vennessa. I guess something just came over me.” said Rock.

     “Get away from me!” screamed Vennessa.

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Rock.

     “Rock!” said Jeff. “Get away form her!”

     Rock was going crazy. He was running around the room bumping into everything he found in sight.

     “Rock!” said Jeff. “Get out of here!”

     “I’m out of control!” yelled Rock.

     Finally, Joey made a move and caught him. They put 3-XP on him (which took away his superpowers) and kicked him out the door.

     “Well, so much for that. Oh well. I don’t need them. I have my own special plan.” said Rock. 
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