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Hey everyone! This is my media page I made so you can get to know the Adventure Girls even better!  Here you can find pictures, videos, music, slideshows, games and more! It's all right here! Oh yeah, and scroll down to the bottom of this page for a secret link to uncover a shocking surprise!


Ok, so have you ever wondered if there was an Adventure Girls' theme song?  There is!  Well, sort of.  It's not a theme song about us, but we got permission to use this song as our music.  The song is called One Girl Revolution by Superchick.  It's awesome, so check it out! Just click on the download file link below and you can listen to it!

Adventure Girls Official Theme Music
File Size: 3197 kb
File Type: m4p
Download File


Ok next, I thought I would show you where our creator, Kendra lives.  She lives in the small town of Dauphin as you can see on this map. 


And this is what happened when I typed in my town, Citytown USA. 


Cool! We live in Fort Lauderdale! He he...


Next I'm going to show you.

Ok, so what's this big secret? Click here to find out. 
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