Chapter 12 - More Superpowers

     Jeff kept defeating the girls each day. Then one day, Jeff thought they were finally weak enough that he could set his final attack, so he could put his master plan into action.

     “Okay boys! Today we set our final attack!” said Jeff.

     “Hurray!” yelled the boys.

     “Now we can finally destroy those girls forever! And then boys can rule the world!” said Jeff.

     “Ahem…” said Vennessa.

     “Oh, I mean bad guys can rule the world.” said Jeff. “Those girls will never stand a chance against us! I love being an evil genius! Alright boys, let’s get those superpowers on!”

     They got them on but there was one left.

     “Hey! Someone doesn’t have their superpowers on!” said Jeff.

     “Um, well-“ started Hilary. “Well Rock said that he doesn’t want to fight anymore because he doesn’t want to kill Anne.”


“WHAT!?!”asked Jeff.



     Then in another room, Rock was crying.

     “Oh, why do those boys have to kill Anne?” asked Rock. “I mean, why can’t they just send them to a deserted island instead of killing them?”

     “Rock! What the heck are you doing?” asked a voice. He looked behind him. It was Jeff.

     “I don’t want to kill Anne! Why can’t you send them to a deserted island?” asked Rock.

     “Because they’re good and I’m bad!” said Jeff. “Well actually, I’m and evil genius!”

     “I swore a vow that says that I can’t hurt Annie or anyone she likes!” said Rock.

     “So!” said Jeff.

     “But Jeff! I can’t break a promise!” said Rock.

     “Yes you can!” said Jeff.

     Rock sighed. “Sorry Jeff, But I just can’t do it.” said Rock.

     “Fine!” said Jeff.

     Then Jeff went away. Rock was still crying.

     Jeff came back into the room.

     “Well?” asked Vennessa.

     “Uh, Rock’s not joining us. There’s been a little delay. But don’t worry! We can still defeat them anyway. So let’s go!” said Jeff.

     They started to march towards the girls. They were at recess. But then, Rock said:

     “I’m gonna go watch those girls kill the boys!”

     Then Jenny saw the team.

     “Okay girls!” said Jenny. “It’s time to die!”

     “And we only lived for a week!” said Rosie. “So sad.”

     “Right.” said Anne.

     The other girls came over. Then Lucrishia said:

     “Sorry to see you go like this, girls. It was nice while it lasted. I wish there was someway we could help.”

     “Yeah!” said the other girls.

     Then Jenny thought about what Lucrishia had said.

     “Hepl us,” she said again. “That’s it!”

     “What’s it!?!” asked Anne and Rosie together.

     “Well, remember when we saw that weird note in the green box where we got our superpowers in?” asked Jenny.

     “Yeah…” said Rosie.

     “Well it said that whoever comes in there will be added to the superpower list. So we can take our friends in and they’ll get superpowers too! And just maybe, we’ll be able to defeat the boys!” said Jenny.

     “Yeah!” said all of the girls.

     “Let’s take em in!” said Jenny.

     They went in. The sensors sensed them and they were added to the list. Their names and their black belts appeared. They didn’t have hair bands because they weren’t the main heros.

     “Come on, girls! Get on your black belts!” said Jenny.

     The girls got them on.

     “Alright girls.” said Jenny. “Let’s go! And whatever you do, don’t let the boys get you!”

     ”Alright!” said the girls.

     “Now,” said Jenny. “We need to-“

     “Wait!” said Anne. “I just thought of this! All superheros have a name! What’s ours?”

     “Hmmmmm. I know!” said Jenny. “Since we go on adventures, we’ll call ourselves the Adventure Girls!”

     “Cool!” said Kayla.

     “Alright Adventure Girls! Let’s go save the world!” said Jenny. 
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