Chapter 10 - The Girls Find Out

     “Alright girls!” said Jenny the next day. “We’ve got to put our superpowers on now!”

     “Why?” asked Anne.

     “Because we have to find Jeff and the boys! If we put them on, we can use our sensors to track them down and see what they’re up to!” said Jenny.

     “Okay!” said Rosie.

     They went into the green box and got their superpowers on.

     “Okay girls!” said Jenny. “Let’s go!”

     They flew around.

     “Maybe we should check Jeff’s lab first, Jenny.” said Rosie. “That’s where they’d most likely go.

     “Good idea!” said Jenny.

     They flew to Jeff’s lab.

     “I’ll try to locate my sensors to see what Jeff is saying.” said Jenny. “Okay! I’ve got it! Listen!”

     “Okay boys! We’ve got to get those girls!” said Jeff. “Now when we start this, I’ll go get them, and you take them on.”

     “Ahem…what about me?” asked Vennessa. “I’m part of it to, remember?”

     “Yeah, I’ve got a part for you!” said Jeff.

     “Well what is it?” asked Vennessa.

     “It’s that you’ll help the boys!” said Jeff.

     “That’s it!?!” asked Vennessa. “A bad guy in training shouldn’t be mad e to do the lame stuff!”

     “I know! That’s why I have another part for you!” said Jeff.

     “Well I can’t wait all day! What is it!?!” asked Vennessa.

     “After you fight a little, the boys will take them on and you will get my giant lazer and zap the girls and they’ll be done with! There! Are you happy!?!” asked Jeff.

     “Well that’s more like it!” said Vennessa.

     Then Jenny’s sensor went off.

     Anne gasped.

     “That’s horrible!” she said.

     “Of-course it is, dummy!” said Rosie.

     “We’ve got to avoid them!” said Jenny.

     “But how?” asked Anne.

     “That’s what I’m trying to think about.” said Jenny.

     “We could really be beaten!” said Rosie. “There are 12 of them and only 3 of us!

     “Oh-no!” said Anne.

     “So that’s like 4 times as much as us!” said Jenny.

     There was a pause and nobody talked, but just stared, then Rosie came out and said:

     “We’re dead.”

     “What I was really wondering was who that girl was talking.” said Anne.

     “I was thinking the exact same thing!” said Jenny.

     “We’ll have to find out!” said Rosie.

     “Well girls, the only thing I can think of is to hide inside the house and never come outside again.” said Jenny.

     “We can’t just stay inside the house our whole lives!” said Rosie.

     “How else are we going to protect ourselves, Rosie?” asked Jenny.

     “Well I don’t know, think of something else, smarty-pants!” said Rosie.

     “How are we going to get to school?” asked Anne.

     “Mom can drive us. Then she can protect us from Jeff!” said Jenny.

     “Sounds like a plan to me!” said Anne.

     “What! We can’t do that!” said Rosie.

     “But it’s 2 against 1!” said Jenny.

     “So what! I think it’s a bad idea!” said Rosie.

     “Would you rather be killed? And by the way, that’s just your opinion!” said Jenny.

     “Well, no.” said Rosie. 

     “Than stick with me!” said Jenny.

     “You know, I’m only doing this because my life is at stake!” said Rosie.

     The girls immediately ran home. The next day…

     Mrs. Ables drove them to school. She agreed to keep them away from Jeff as long as she could. But the girls didn’t think of one little problem…

     Mrs. Ables took them into school.

     “Goodbye, girls!” she said.

     “Goodbye!” they said.

     School went on. Rock was chewing on his pencils all day long! Then the teacher finally said:

     “Okay, class! Time for recess!”

     “Oh-no!” said Jenny. “We forgot about recess!”

     “Ahhh! Jenny! Do you know what that means!?!” asked Rosie.

     “Uhhhh…” Jenny started to say.

     “It means my life is at stake! Ahhh! I’m choking! I can’t breathe!” said Rosie.

     She started to choke and cough.

     “Uh, Rosie!” said Jenny. “They didn’t get us yet!”

     “Oh,” said Rosie, red as a rose. “I knew that!”

     “Hurry girls! We need to put our superpowers on!” said Anne. 

     “Let’s go!” said Jenny. 

     They got their superpowers on.

     “Uh, Anne?-Why did we do this?” asked Rosie.

     “Duh! To protect ourselves if the attack us!” said Anne.

     “Oh. I knew that too!” said Rosie.

     “Okay, so whatever we do, we can’t let them get us.” said Jenny.

     “Who?” asked a voice. It was Rock.  

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed the girls. Anne screamed the loudest.

     “Wait! I just want to know who you’re running from!” said Rock.

     But the girls kept running.

     “Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!” cried Rock.

     The girls hid behind a bush.

     “Whew!” said Jenny as they were catching their breath.

     “Boy that was close!” said Jenny.

     “To close!” said Anne.

     “We need to keep a close eye out, girls.” said Jenny. “They’re out there, somewhere.”
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