Who are the Adventure Girls?

The Adventure Girls are 14 superpowered girls who go on missions to save the world.  

There are three main Adventure Girls, which all of the stories are based upon.  They are, the leader, Jenny, who comes up with the plans and always turns the problem upside down, the cutest girl, Anne, who is always playing around but is a stronger fighter than she sounds, and the toughest out of the three, Rosie, who is always ready for a mission.  

Jenny, Anne, and Rosie’s biggest problem is usually their evil brother, Jeff.  He wants to conquer the world but he can’t do it until his sisters and the Adventure Girl team is destroyed.  He is the girls’ main enemy.  And to make things worse, Jeff usually calls in his evil sidekick witch, Vennessa.  Vennessa actually has more power than Jeff, so that’s why he calls her in all the time.  After Jeff and Vennessa trying to defeat them (and still trying), all of the other books fell into place.  

If a mission is too hard and Jenny, Anne, and Rosie need more help, they call in the other 11 girls to help save the day! The other girls’ names are Amy, Crystal, Money, Alice, Joy, Charity, Lucrishia, Kayla, Lily, Niki, and Jasmine*.  After the big girls attack in book # 20, Cara* gave the girls each a special and individual power that none of the other girls had.  Their special powers really came in handy in season 2 and 3. 

* If you haven’t read up to book # 18, you’re probably wondering who Jasmine is.  Jasmine appeared in book #18 at a BFGF (boyfriend and girlfriend) club that Rock dragged Anne to.  There Anne met a girl named Jasmine and found out that she had superpowers too! At the end of the book, the AG’s declared Jasmine as and official AG.  Since Jasmine lives in another town, she only comes to help the AG’s once and a while. 

*Cara is the ruler of Mars, who gives the girls their superpowers. 

Now let’s get to each girl individually.  

Jenny, as I said, is the leader of the pack, is very smart and has a plan for everything.  Her special power is waves and her symbol is a heart clip.  Her favorite color is purple, which she wears.  She also has blonde hair.                                     
Anne is the cutest girl.  She may look weak but she can be very tough when it comes to fighting crime.  (Especially when she’s fighting Rock) Anne’s special power is super-eye vision.  She wears a violet-red color (a very dark magenta) and her symbol is a flower.  She has black hair.  

Rosie is the toughest girl who loves to fight crime.  She also tries to make jokes but her sisters never think she’s funny.  Rosie’s power is super martial arts.  (No wonder she loves crime fighting) Her symbol is a striped party hat.  She wears a blue-green color.  She also has red hair.  

Amy lives right beside Jenny, Anne, and Rosie’s house.  Amy likes fighting crime because she loves the action! Amy’s special power is static.  Her symbol is a journal, because she also keeps one.  Amy wears a red top and indigo jeans.  Her hair color is brown.  

Crystal is Amy’s sister so she lives beside Jenny, Anne, and Rosie too.  One thing Crystal has is friendliness.  Crystal loves making new friends.  She also loves being with her friends on the Adventure Girl team.  Crystal’s special power is water.  Her symbol is three hearts stuck together with a star in the middle one.  She wears all pink and she has blonde hair.  

Money is the richest AG.  (Like you can’t tell) Money loves fashion and she lives in a mansion.  Sometimes she can be a little bit snobby, but she’s usually ready to fight for the town! (And for fashion!) Money never wears just one thing-it varies! But whatever it is, it’s in style! Her symbol is a pretty red head girl and her special power is super sonics.  Money has blonde hair. 

Alice is probably next to Jenny when it comes to brains.  Alice is also very smart which is a good thing.  If Jenny isn’t there, Alice takes over! Alice’s special power is gems and her symbol is a globe.  She wears a red top with a blue skirt.  Alice also has blonde hair with gold streaks in it.  

Joy is Money’s best friend, so she likes a little bit a fashion too.  She knows when it’s fun time and when it’s fight time.  Joy is always ready for a mission.  She wears a purple top with a pink skirt.  Joy’s special power is glitter.  (Which goes very well with her personality) Her symbol is a crown.  Joy has brown hair.  

Charity is one of the nicest girls.  She’s very kind and helpful.  One of her favorite hobbies is dancing.  Charity loves to help out with the AG team.  She never lets her friends down.  Charity’s special power is reflection.  Her symbol is a flower growing.  Charity wears a blue-green top with a red-violet skirt.  She has blonde hair. 

Lucrishia is also a nice girl.  She’s Charity’s best friend.  Lucrishia is a little small for her age, but that doesn’t stop her from being a great superhero! Lucrishia’s power is flowers.  Her symbol is a kitty-cat.  She wears a pink top with a purple skirt.  Lucrishia’s hair is blonde with gold streaks in it.  

Kayla is tough too, and is Rosie’s best friend.  Kayla loves to play sports and is a lot of fun to be around.  Kayla loves to fight crime, too.  Her symbol is speed dust with a star in the middle.  Her power is lava.  Kayla wears an orange top with blue jeans.  Her hair is an orangish-gold color. 

Lily is probably the most helpful AG.  She’s the one who calls all of the AG’s when there’s trouble.  She lives right in the middle of town where all of the action is, so that’s why she calls them.  Lily’s special power is fire.  Her symbol is two hearts stuck together.  She wears all purple.  Lily’s hair color is black.  

Niki is the shyest AG, but is a good crime fighter.  She knows she has good friends, but sometimes she gets a little lonely.  Niki also likes writing in a journal (especially about her secret crush, John).  Niki’s special power is star powers.  Her symbol is a star with a heart inside.  Niki also wears all purple and her hair color is gold.  

Jasmine is the newest edition to the AG team.  Jasmine likes being in the Adventure Girl team and she’s glad that they accepted her in it.  But Jasmine’s also the superhero of another town so that’s her top priority.  But she does come to help the AG’s when they need serious help.  Jasmine’s special power is electricity.  Jasmine doesn’t have a symbol but people usually know her by a lightening bolt.  She wears all pink and her hair is blonde. 
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