Chapter 9 - Rock Reveals His Secret

     “He-he-he!” said Rock. I’m on my way to Jeff’s house and one’s gonna stop me!” he said as he was skipping.


     Jenny opened the door.

     “Hi Jenny! Can I see Jeff for a moment?” asked Rock.

     “Um, okay Rock. He’s in his lab.” said Jenny.

     “Okay!” said Rock.

     Rock went into Jeff’s lab.

     “Hi Jeff!” said Rock.

     Jeff was in there with all of the boys planning their scheme.

     “Rock!” said Jeff. “We kicked you out yesterday!”

     “Wait Jeff! I have to tell everyone something!” said Rock.

     “What is it, Rock?” asked Jeff.

     “Well, I need you guys to do something for me first.” said Rock.

     “No Rock!” said Jeff.

     “But Jeff! If you don’t do it, then you’ll never get to see the surprise!” said Rock.

     “Okay Rock, what is it?” asked Jeff.

     Rock whispered it to him.

     “Say what!?!” asked Jeff.

     “Wait Jeff! You’ll never get to see the surprise if you don’t do it!” said Rock.

     “Okay, okay.” said Jeff.

     Jeff went out the door.

     “What did you tell him, Rock?” asked Ed.

     Rock whispered to them.

     The boys gasped and then started running.

     “Let’s hide!” said Hilary.

     “It’s not that scary!” said Rock.

     Then Jeff came back in. But this time he had his sisters with him.

     “What are we doing here, Jeff?” asked Jenny.

     “Rock wants to show everyone something.” said Jeff.

     Then Rock took out some things from his bag.

     “Hey Rock! Those are the chocolates you made last week, right?” asked Jeff.

     “Yeah!” said Rock.

     “Well don’t be sharin’ them with everyone!” said Jeff.

     “I’m not!” said Rock.

     “And why do you have a bow and some flowers?” asked Jeff.

     “Okay, here it comes, it’s the secret…” said Rock.

     “Come on Rock, say it!” said Jeff. 

     “Okay, time for the big moment, here it comes…I love Anne!” said Rock.  

     Anne just stared in amazement. Then she started to panic and scream, 





screamed Anne.

     “Don’t worry, Annie! I’ve got flowers, a bow, and some chocolates for you!” said Rock.


     This continued for 5 minutes-actually, more like 10!

     Everyone covered their ears. (Obviously)

     Then she finally stopped.

     “Why were you yelling, Annie?” asked Rock.

     “Don’t call me Annie!” said Anne.

     “Why not? It sounds so cute!” said Rock.

     “Because I hate it! That’s why!” said Anne.

     “Oh, well can I still be your boyfriend?” asked Rock.

     “No! And you better never do this again!” said Anne.

     Rock started to cry.


     Then he dropped his gifts and ran out the door. Then all of the boys and Vennessa went to go plan their scheme. The girls just stood around, talking.

     “Well Anne, it looks like you’ve got a problem.” said Rosie.

     “A big problem.” said Anne.

     “We’ve got an even bigger problem!” said Jenny.

     “What’s that?” asked Rosie.

     “I heard that Jeff and some boys were planning to destroy us!” said Jenny.

     “What!?!” said Anne and Rosie.

     “It’s true!” said Jenny.

     “Are you sure?” asked Anne.

     “I think so. Maybe we should spy on them to see what they’re up to.” said Jenny.

     “Let’s go!” said Rosie.

     They everywhere but they couldn’t find them.

     “Where can they be? We’ve looked everywhere!” said Anne.

     “Remember girls, we can’t loose hope!” said Jenny.

     “But Jenny! It’s really hopeless!” said Rosie. “We’re out in the middle of nowhere and we’re tired and miserable! We want to go home!”

     “Well, I guess things couldn’t get any worse.” said Anne.

     Then it started to rain.

     “Great.” said Rosie.

     “Um, maybe we can find shelter for the night. This way!” said Jenny.

     “Whatever.” said Rosie.

     “Hey! Look!” said Anne. “There’s a cave we can stay under!”

     Then they went under. But when they got there, they saw a big gigantic monster in there.

     “Ahhh-shhhhh!” said Rosie as she was trying to calm Anne down.

     Then the monster woke up.

     “Thanks a lot, Anne!” said Rosie.

     “Hey! Maybe we can use our superpowers to fight it!” said Jenny.

     “Yeah!” said Anne and Rosie.

     They went into the green light that appeared. They but on their black belts and then they put in their hair styles. Their symbols glowed.

     “Girls, let’s go kick some butt!” said Jenny.

     They went out of the green box and started doing all sorts of things. They didn’t even know they had some of these powers! Finally, the monster was defeated.

     “Hurray!” they said.  

     “Together we’re unstoppable!” said Jenny.

     But then they were very tired.

     “We’ll sleep here for the night.” said Jenny.

     They soon went to sleep. Soon it was morning and them they noticed their big mistake…

     The girls started yawn when Anne said:

     “Hey girls! Look! Doesn’t that look like our house!?!” 

     “Yeah!” said Rosie. “Who knew? We were in our backyard the whole time!”

     Jenny frowned.

     “Let’s go inside, girls.” she said.

     As they were walking in, Rosie said:

     “I didn’t know we had a cave with a monster in it in our backyard!”

     “Yeah!” said Anne.

     They went inside.

     “Girls!” said Mrs. Ables. “I’m so glad that you’re home!”

     “Hi mom!” said Jenny.

     “Girls, where have you been? I’ve been so worried! Were you fighting crime the whole night?” asked Mrs. Ables.

     “It’s a long story.” said Jenny.

     “You don’t ever have to worry about us, mom!” said Rosie.

     “Yeah! We’ve got superpowers to protect us!” said Anne.

     “Well that’s great Anne, but please be careful when you’re fighting, okay?” asked Mrs. Ables.

     “Okay mom.” said Jenny.

     “Don’t worry mom! Everything’s going to be alright!” said Anne. 
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