Chapter 7 - Evil People

     You see, the reason that this chapter is called “Evil People” is because this story isn’t just all about Jeff, you see. This story is about a girl named Vennessa. Now Vennessa used to be the superhero of Citytown. But when she saw the girls saving the day, she got very mad. Everyone forgot about her. Now Vennessa wanted to destroy the girls, and give up her good ways to become an evil witch. So she went to Jeff, who she heard was an evil genius, for some help. That’s why this chapter is called “Evil People”…

     “Curses!” said Vennessa. “Those stupid new girls just saved the day again! They better keep all of that destruction up, or else I will have them killed! Wait a minute! I have an idea! Maybe I can go to that evil genius Jeff I’ve heard of. Maybe he has an evil plan to destroy them! I’m gonna go see!”

     She ran to Jeff’s house. She knocked on the door and Jeff opened it.

     “Hi! I’m Vennessa! Can you please teach me to be evil? I can pay you in donuts!” said Vennessa.

     “Well to start, you can’t say please. It’s and unveil way.” said Jeff.

     “Oh.” said Vennessa.

     “Okay, let’s go into my lab.” said Jeff.

     Jeff took Vennessa into his lab.

     “Wow! Look at all the pretty colors!” said Vennessa.

     “Look, if you’re going to be evil, you can’t fool around!” said Jeff.

     “Sorry.” said Vennessa.

     “Okay. The first thing is, you’ve got to look evil which means you have to dress evil.” said Jeff.

     “But you’re wearing what a regular boy would wear! That doesn’t look evil!” said Vennessa.

     “True, true, but I wear my evil cape when I do evil!” said Jeff.

     “Well that explains it all!” said Vennessa. “Now can I be evil?”

     “Well, you need to get some potions. You need to make evil spells. Without potions, you can never be evil.” said Jeff.

     “Okay, so, where do I get these potions?” asked Vennessa.

     “Well, to start, I’ll give you some. If you ever run out, you can go to my friend Matt’s store called “Evil Potions”. His dad gets the chemicals from underground, but we’ll cover all of that later.” said Jeff.

     “Can I be evil now?” asked Vennessa.

     “Okay. Now you have all the steps. First, I’ll give you this.” said Jeff.

     “What is it?” asked Vennessa.

     “It’s a book that’s called: “How to be Evil in Three Easy Steps”.” said Jeff.

     “But wait a minute! We forgot to cover one of the steps!” said Vennessa.

     “Ahh! You’re right!” said Jeff. “Let’s see, we’ve got dressing, potions, aha! Here it is! Attitude! Now first, you need to have a bad attitude.”

     “For starters-“ started Jeff.

     “Stop saying I’m a starter! I’ve dealed with evil a lot of times and I’m not a starter!” said Vennessa.  
     “Well you are a starter for being evil, so that makes you a starter.” said Jeff.

     “Good point!” said Vennessa.

     “Am I a starter, Jeff?” asked a voice.

     “Who is that?” asked Vennessa.

     “Oh, that’s Rock. He’s the most humiliating person you could find on Earth.” said Jeff.

     “Well, am I, Jeff?” asked Rock.

     “No Rock, you’ve worked for me ever since the day you moved here.” said Jeff.

     “Oh.” said Rock.

     “Now go, Rock! You’re not wanted here!” said Jeff.

     “Okay! Bye Jeffy!” said Rock. Then he closed the door.

     “Jeffy?” asked Vennessa.

     “Uh, it’s really humiliating.” said Jeff turning red. “Okay! The last step-attitude. First you need to make an evil laugh. Okay let’s practice. Just say ha-ha-ha.

     “Ha-ha-ha.” said Vennessa deadly.

     “No! Say it like you mean it!” said Jeff.

     “HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!” laughed Vennessa.

     “That’s perfect! Now next, you have to act mean.” said Jeff.

     “How do I do that?” asked Vennessa.

     “Well, just do what bad guys do. You need to always be mad, never happy, unless you conquer the world or something. So from now on, you always have to be mean. Rob banks, make evil potions, always seek revenge, and most importantly, always remember how to spell “EVIL.”” said Jeff.

     “How is it spelled?” asked Vennessa.

     “Well, here it is.” said Jeff.





     “Wow!” said Vennessa.

     “Yeah, wow!” said Jeff. “Now, take this book with you, and you’ll be on your way. Oh-and they have some really good listings of witch schools!”

     “But wait! I really came to you because I wanted to know if you had a plan to destroy those awful, mean, and disgusting superheros who are always saving the day! You see, I was the town’s superhero, but then they took over!” said Vennessa.

     “Oh, you mean my horrible sisters. Do you remember Rock?” asked Jeff.

     “Yeah…” said Vennessa.

     “Well he created them! That’s why I hate him!” said Jeff. But then Jeff had an idea.

     “Wait a minute! I have an idea on how to destroy them!” said Jeff.

     “You do!?!” she said.

     He whispered the plan to her.

     “That’s perfect! Now no one can stop us now!” said Vennessa.

     “Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” they laughed together. 
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