Chapter 6 - Bad News

     “Hey Citytown! It’s Alaina live at the scene! (This is on TV and Jeff is watching.) Here we have three little superheros who just saved the town! We’ve had lots of superheros before, but we’ve never had kids before! Yes, it’s true, we have Jenny, Anne, and Rosie here as our wonderful superheros! It’s Citytown’s biggest kid record! Jenny, all of Citytown wants to know, how did you and your sisters save the day?” asked Alaina. As Jenny was explaining, Jeff started talking.

     “What!?! Those horrible girls Rock created just saved the day! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” screamed Jeff.

     “Rock is gonna get it and get it good!” said Jeff.

     Jeff went over to Rock’s house. Rock was watching Barney when Jeff got inside.

     “Rock!” yelled Jeff.

     Rock immediately jumped out of his seat.

     “Oh hi, Jeff! Wanna watch Barney with me?” asked Rock.

     “No I do not want to watch Barney with you!” said Jeff. Then Jeff changed the channel.

     “Ahhhhh! Jeff! Don’t change it!” said Rock.

     “Wait a minute, don’t you like to watch Barney?” asked Jeff,

     “Yeah-“ started Rock.

     “Well today’s opposite day!” said Jeff.

     “But opposite day is only on a Tuesday! Everyone knows that!” said Rock.

     “Well I didn’t. And besides, OPPOSITE DAY ISN’T REAL!” yelled Jeff.

     Jeff turned the channel to the news channel.

     “Look at those girls, they have perfectly round heads, they have those curly eye lashes, they always wear cherry-scented perfume! Uh, maybe I’ve said to much.” said Jeff.

     “WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW.” said Rock. This continued for 5 minutes.

     “Rock! Pay attention! Look at the TV!” said Jeff. It had a picture of the girls on it right now. Then Rock started jumping up and down again.

     “Rock! Do you think that my sisters are Barney?” asked Jeff.

     “No!” said Rock. “And why do you care?”

     “Because you act like a baby all the time!” said Jeff. “Well, anyway, they just saved the town!”

     “They did? “ asked Rock.

     Jeff slapped himself on the forehead.

     “Rock! Don’t you get it? You created them! That means I’m gonna get you!” said Jeff.

     “Really?” asked Rock. Well, you’ll have to catch me first!” said Rock.

     “Oh yeah-well your head’s gonna come off when I do!” said Jeff.

     Jeff started to chase Rock all around his house. Back to the girls...

     The girls were flying back home.

     “Hey mom! Guess what! We just saved the world!” they said.

     “I know! I heard!” said Mrs. Ables. “You girls are the best!”

     “Thanks, mom!” said Jenny.

     “Let’s go play!” said Anne.

     “Yeah!” said Rosie.

     They forgot all about what Cara had said. And as soon as they new it, they were destroying the town! They were having so much fun, they didn’t realize what they were doing.

     Some people were trying to protect their children. Some people were panicking. And some people just stood there. Then the mayor of Citytown, Mr. Frances, came running out.

     “This is not going to be pretty!” he said.

     The girls kept on playing. They were playing dodge-ball right now.

     “Well, I guess those girls can be destructive,” said Jeff. “Maybe I can make them my slaves!”

     “But I thought we were your slaves, Jeff!” said Hilary from behind.

     “Oh, right. But now I can have even more slaves!” said Jeff.

     “But Jeff! You don’t want girls for your slaves!” said Hilary.

     “Yes I do!” said Jeff. “Do you know why?”

     “No!” said Hilary.

     “Because I’m an evil genius! Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!” laughed Jeff. 
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