Chapter 5 - Superpowers

     After the class did all of their work, they went outside for recess. And what the girls didn’t know was that today would be the most special day of their lives…

     “This is so much fun!” said Rosie.

     “I know!” said Jenny.

     “We made lots of new friends today and even the teacher said we were doing a great job!” said Anne.

     Then when the girls walked where there were no kids around, out of nowhere a green box appeared.

     “Whoa!” said Rosie.

     “Hey! Look at that! That looks like the green box we were in except it looks like a long cylinder!” said Jenny. 

     “This is freaking me out…” said Anne. 

     “Maybe we should go inside! There’s a door!” said Jenny.

     “I don’t know, Jenny. It looks a little creepy.” said Anne.

     “It’s okay, Anne.  It can’t be that bad! Don’t worry, we’ll watch out for each other.” said Jenny.

     “Well, okay.” said Anne, still a little unsure. 

     They opened the door and stepped inside.  The girls gasped.   

     “What is that stuff?” asked Rosie. 

     Inside, they found very weird things. There were hair bands and black belts and little latches with their names on them.

     “These must be our superpowers!” exclaimed Jenny. Then she found a note on the side of the wall that read:


     “I guess that means bad guys!” suggested Jenny.

     “Come on! Let’s try them on!” said Rosie.

     “Wait Rosie!” called Jenny.  “Don’t you notice something weird about these black belts?”

     “Yeah, these don’t look anything like karate belts!” replied Rosie. 

     “No, not that!” corrected Jenny.  “Look closely!”

     “Hey! These latches all have the names of our classmates on them!” said Anne. 

     “But it’s only the girls!” said Rosie. 

     “I know! And we’re the only ones who got hair bands!” said Jenny. 

     “Weird.” said Rosie. 

     “Okay, let’s put on these superpowers!” said Jenny. 

      First they put their hair bands in.  Jenny had pigtails, and had a ponytail, and Rosie had a bun.  They put on their black belts.  Their symbols on their shirts glowed.  They were ready for action!

     “Hey look, Jenny! I’m rising off the ground!” said Anne.

     “That’s because you’re flying, Anne.” Jenny said in an obvious tone.

     They all started to fly.

     “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” squealed Anne.

     “Let’s go outside to show our friends!” said Jenny.

     “Yeah!” said Rosie.  “Wait until they see this!”

     They went outside and flew to their friends. The girls just stared. They looked amazed.

     “How do you do that?” someone asked.

     “We went into a green box where we got our superpowers in!” Anne answered back.

     “I think it’s a lot of fun!” said Jenny.

     “Definitely!” said Rosie.

     “Let’s go play!” yelled Jenny to her sisters.

     “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” they yelled.

     “Whoa.” said Crystal as they were flying off, breaking the silence.  The girls still stood there, mouths hanging wide open.   

     Then as they were flying, Jenny thought about what Cara had said. She said that their superpowers were only to be used when saving the world.

     “STOP!” Jenny yelled.

     Anne and Rosie made a short, quick stop.  

     “What’s wrong?” Rosie asked Jenny.

     “Remember Cara,-from Mars?” asked Jenny.

     “Yeah – “ started Rosie.

     “She said to only use our powers when the world is in danger.” said Jenny.

     “But it is in danger! Look!” said Anne.

     They saw a monster standing right in the middle of town, scaring off the innocent people coming by it.

     “What a coincidence.  Well, we have our superpowers. Let’s go fight it!” said Jenny.

     “But I’m too afraid! It’s big and scary!” said Anne.

     “You can’t be afraid! Superheros don’t get scared! They don’t fight because they’re bored; they fight because they want the bad guy out of town and the world to be safe! Now that you’re a hero, Anne, you can’t back away from a mission! We’re superheros and we fight for what is right! And don’t worry! We’ll be with you the whole time! There’s no need to be afraid!” said Jenny.

     “Okay, I’ll go for it!” said Anne.

     “Great Anne!” said Jenny. 

     “Besides, now’s our chance to use new powers that we haven’t discovered yet!” said Rosie.

     She started to fly towards the monster. POW! She punched him.

     “Wow! Superpower punch!” said Rosie.

     “Come on, Anne! This looks like fun!” said Jenny.

     “Okay!” said Anne.

     Jenny and Anne flew towards the monster, too.

     “Hey girls! This is fun! Come join me!” said Rosie.

     “We’re right behind you!” said Jenny.

     The girls started doing all kinds of things. They finally defeated the monster.

     “First mission, easily accomplished.” said Jenny with a smile, feeling proud that they accomplished their first mission so easily. 

     They didn’t realize that they had a crowd of fans cheering behind them.

     “Wow! We’re famous!” said Rosie.

     “Uh-oh.” said Hilary to his brothers from behind the crowd. “Things aren’t looking so well for Jeff. If he’s going to destroy those girls, he better do it quick.”

     “Why?” asked Ed.

     “Because the whole town is starting to like them. If they disappear, people will wonder where they are. Then they will go to Jeff’s house to investigate and maybe somehow would find out that Jeff destroyed them. Then they would start to come after Jeff.”
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