Chapter 4 - First Day of School

     But little did the girls know, things would really go wrong.  Because once they got their superpowers, it would cause a lot of trouble for the town.  The next morning Mrs. Ables went into the girls’ room to wake them up for school. 

     “Girls! It’s time for school!” said Mrs. Ables as she came through the door.

     “What’s school?” asked the girls.

     “School is a place where you go to learn and make friends!” said Mrs. Ables.

     “Let’s get ready then!” said Jenny.

     Mrs. Ables showed the girls their closet and where the clothes were.  Then she went out of the room she they could get changed.       

     “I wonder if we’ll get our superpowers today!” said Anne.

     “I sure hope so!” said Jenny. “It looks like the whole town is being destroyed!” she said as they were looking out of their windows.

     “Hey! Look!” said Rosie. “Somebody is saving them!”

     “Girls!” said Mrs. Ables. “You’re going to be late for the bus! Hurry!”

     “Okay!” they said, walking away from the windows.

     They went downstairs after they were dressed.  Then when they got down there, Rosie asked:

     “What’s the bus?”

     “The bus is your transportation to school.  It’s just like a car, except it can carry a lot of people in it.” said Mrs. Ables.

     “Cool!” said Rosie.

     “Look! There it is! Here’s your backpacks and lunchboxes.” said Mrs. Ables.

     “What are they?” the girls asked.

     “Lunchboxes are where you keep your food for lunchtime.  Your backpacks

are where you keep all of your school supplies.  Now hurry! You’ll be late!” said Mrs. Ables.

     She said goodbye to all of them and the girls headed to the bus.  When they were on, the bus driver said:

     “You must be the new students! Hello, my name is Mrs. Winders. Glad to see you on this bus!”

     “Thank-you Mrs. Winders!” said Jenny.

     The girls went to find a seat.

     “Wow! There are so many people!” said Anne. “It’s hard to choose!”

     “That girl looks cool. I’ll go sit with her!” said Rosie.

     She walked over to the girl.

     “Hi! I’m Rosie. I’m new. Who are you?” asked Rosie.

     “I’m Kayla. Wanna sit with me?” asked Kayla.

     “Sure!” said Rosie.

     Then Jenny found who she was going sit with.

     “Hi! I’m Jenny Ables. Who are you?” asked Jenny.

     “I’m Lily. Wanna sit with me?” asked Lily.

     “Sure!” said Jenny.

     Then Anne found who she was going sit with.

     “Hi! I’m Anne! Can I sit with you?” asked Anne.

     “Sure! I’m Money.” said Money.

     After the bus ride the girls walked inside with their new friends.  Their friends showed them around the school and their new classroom.  Then the girls went up to the teacher.

     “Hello! We’re the new students, Jenny, Anne, and Rosie Ables.” Jenny said.

     “Oh yes!” said the teacher. “I’m Mrs. Bringle. Mrs. Ables told me all about you. Your desks are right in the front.”

     They went up to their desks.

     “Wow! They even have our names on them!” said Anne.

     “Well how do you think people will know who we are if we didn’t have them, Anne?” asked Rosie.   

     “You can put all of your school stuff in here. You can also do the morning work. Here, it’s just handwriting.” said Mrs. Bringle.

     “Okay!” said Jenny.  “Thank you.”

     “No need to thank, girls.  I’ll introduce you to the students when they all get here.” said Mrs. Bringle.

     Mrs. Bringle walked away from the girls. 

     “I hope they like us!” said Anne.

     “I’m sure they will!” said Jenny. 

     Then when all of their classmates got there, Mrs. Bringle called the girls up to the front of the classroom.

     “Okay class! May I have your attention please!?” Mrs. Bringle yelled.

     Everyone quieted down.

     “We have three new students today.  Class, this is Jenny, Anne, and Rosie. Please give them your welcome.  Please go down the rows and say your name so your new classmates will be able to remember them.” said Mrs. Bringle.

     The names started to come.

     “Amy, Crystal, Joy, Niki, Lucrishia, Charity, Money, Alice, Lily, Kayla, John, Justin, Vincent, Joey, Nicolas, Nathan, Cameron, Hilary, Ed-then there was a pause.

     “Rock! Say your name!” said Hilary as he tapped Rock.

     “Um, okay. Uh-Hilary? What is my name?” asked Rock in a daze.

     Hilary smacked himself on the head.

     “What do you think?” asked Hilary.

     “Uh, peanuts?” asked Rock, still in a daze.

     “No! It’s Rock! That’s why your name is Rock! You’re as dumb as one!” said Hilary.

     “Oh-yeah! I, forgot.” said Rock.

     “ROCK!” yelled Rock. He called out his name very loudly.

     Everyone covered their ears. (Obviously) As Rock said his name, he held up a picture of a Rock. 


     Now back to the girls…
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