Chapter 3 - Chocolate

     Mrs. Ables showed the girls every room in the house.  They also met their new dad, Dick, and luckily they had a spare room for the girls.  Since the room wasn’t finished, Mrs. Ables let them sleep on the couch for the night.  She promised them that the room would be finished as fast as it could go.  So the next day, as if the girls weren’t already blessed enough, Mrs. Ables took them out to buy a pet for them, which turned out they wanted a cat.  Jeff thought this was a little unfair, considering that his parents never let him have a pet.  As the girls and their mom went out to the pet store, Jeff thought that he would spend some quiet time alone in his lab, and try to figure out a way he could stop this craziness.  He set off toward his lab and was glad he could now spend time doing what he wants to do.  Or so he thought. 

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jeff screamed when he went into his lab.  Everything was broken spilled. The room was a mess.  But how? His answer came when he saw Rock over near his working desk.   

     “Rock!” he screamed.  Rock jumped 3 feet up in the air.  “What the crap did you do!?!”

     “Uh, I can’t tell you. It’s a big fat secret.” said Rock with a big smile on his face.

     “But why did you tear my lab apart!?!” asked Jeff.

     “Jeff! Don’t you celebrate opposite day!?!” asked Rock.

     “Rock! Opposite day isn’t real! You made it up!” yelled Jeff.

     “I did? Oh, I guess I did.” said Rock.  

     “C’mon Rock, tell me! You better not be making girls!” warned Jeff.

     “No I’m not!” said Rock.

     “Than what is it!?!” asked Jeff.

     “It’s chocolate!” Rock blurted out.

     Jeff’s face turned steamy hot red and steam puffs were coming out of his ears.

     “Chocolate!” screamed Jeff. “It doesn’t even look like chocolate!”

     “Well it is!” said Rock.

     “Rock! How can chocolate be a secret!?!” asked Jeff.

     “It’s not! Well actually, it’s part of a secret.” he said. 

     Then the oven beeped. 

     “Okay! It’s done!” said Rock.

     “This better be good!” said Jeff.


     “Let me try some! And it better not make me throw up!” said Jeff.

     Rock picked up the tray.

     “Baked to perfection!” said Rock.

     Jeff tried one.

     “Mm, they’re good Rock, but there’s one thing wrong.” said Jeff.

     “What is it?” asked Rock.

     “You put sandwich flavor in them!” screamed Jeff at the top of his lungs.

     “I did? Well, maybe it’s because it’s opposite day.” said Rock.

     “Rock! What did I tell you about opposite day!?!” asked Jeff.

     “Uh, it’s real and it’s not made up!” said Rock.

     Jeff’s head and temper was about to explode!

     “ROCK!” screamed Jeff. 


     “What?” asked Rock innocently.

     “You’ll be dead before I get you out of here!” screamed Jeff.

     “Help! Help!” yelled Rock while Jeff was chasing after him. “Wait a minute! I’ve got my opposite day watch on! That means I can use it to do opposites! And since I usually stay on the ground, I can fly!”

     Rock beeped the watch.  A big hot-air balloon came out and he floated off in it.

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Jeff.

     “Goodbye, Jeff!” yelled Rock.

     “No Rock! I was supposed to kill you first!” screamed Jeff.

     “You were? Well, I would come back down there so you could, but I don’t know how to stop this thing, so bye for now!” said Rock.

     Rock floated away.

     At first Jeff just stood there for a moment.  Then the silence was broken with Jeff’s screaming. 


     Mrs. Ables heard the screaming from the inside of her house. 

     “Must be those pesty neighbors again.  I’m glad I don’t have a son who screams that loud!” said Mrs. Ables. 

     Back to the girls…


     A few hours later, the girls’ new room was done.  Mrs. Ables was about to show it to the girls when – SLAM! Jeff came stomping through the door.

     “What’s all of the stomping for, Jeff?” asked Mrs. Ables.

     “It’s Rock! He’s gone completely too far this time!” said Jeff.

     “I can tell, I heard him screaming.  The whole neighborhood could.” said Mrs. Ables. 

     “You have no idea.” said Jeff very seriously. 

     “Well girls, let’s go see your new bedroom.” said Mrs. Ables.

     “Okay!” they said.

     When they got there, their eyes almost popped out.  It was more things they had ever seen before.

     “Wow!” said Anne staring at it in amazement.

     “I ordered wonderful new things for you, girls! I hope you’ll enjoy it!” said Mrs. Ables.

     “Enjoy it? We’ll do more than enjoy it!” said Jenny. 

     “I’ll give you some time alone.  I’ll see you soon my little angels!” said Mrs. Ables. (As if Mrs. Ables couldn’t get any freakier) She went out and closed the door to go argue with Jeff about him not getting a room makeover.

     “Wow! This is so great!” said Anne sitting down with her sisters on their beanbag chairs.

     “Yeah! We’ve got everything we’ve ever wanted!” said Rosie.

     “But we still don’t have our superpowers!” said Jenny.

     “Don’t worry, we’ll probably get them tomorrow!” said Rosie.

     “Yeah!” said Anne. “Then nothing can go wrong!”

     All three of them smiled.  
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