Chapter 13 - Victory

     The girls flew off.

     As they were flying, Jenny said:

     “Okay girls! Just start doing things! They’re a lot of fun!”

     Jenny, Anne, and Rosie flew down in front of Jeff while the other girls went to hide.

     ”Okay Jeff!” said Jenny. “We win, you loose.”

     “So you think.” said Jeff.

     “We’re not letting you be ruler.” said Rosie. “Nobody should.”

     “Right, that’s why girls plan to conquer the world!” said Jeff. 

     “Well Jeff, you may think that you’ll win this fight but you’re not!” said Anne.

     “Oh, but look at my army!” Jeff said as he pointed to them.

     All of the boys started to laugh.

     “Speaking of armies, we have an army of our own!” said Jenny.

     The other girls came out.

     “What!?!” asked Jeff.

     “We’ve got some of our friends to help destroy you!” said Jenny.

     “Yeah, so a couple of girls are weak, and boys are stronger. So how many do ya have?” asked Jeff.

     “13!” said Jenny. “And how many do you have, bro?” asked Jenny.

     “11. But remember, boys are stronger!” said Jeff.

     “We don’t believe that!” said Jenny.

     “Well then, bring it on!” said Jeff.

     “Alright girls! Remember what I told you!” said Jenny.

     “Let’s go!” said Anne.

     They came charging towards Jeff and the team.

     “Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” yelled Rock. He was cheering for the girls. As he was cheering, he was eating popcorn.

     “Looks like we have a fan!” said Jenny.

     “Obviously!” said Anne.

     They started defeating the boys. Money even started to hit her own brother! Soon, they were so carried away with it, they started to beat up themselves!

     “Huh?” said all of the girls.

     “Not yourselves! The boys!” said Rock.

     “Alright alright already!” said Anne.

     All of the girls were doing amazing things. The other girls who haven’t fighted before were surprised at how well they were doing. They were using their creative ideas to defeat the boys. They didn’t even know that there was a crowd standing behind them!

     “Hello everyone! This is Alaina Live at the scene! Our new supreheos, Jenny, Anne, and Rosie and now with their 10 other friends are now saving the day! This is a truly remarkable sight to see 13 girls against 12 boys-well, actually, only 11 boys. There was 12 but one of them, quit. He’s rooting for the girls. Oh-yes! There is also an evil teenage witch on the boys team!Some of the boys have given up! Hurry girls!” said Alania.

     But Jeff and Vennessa didn’t give up. (Obviously)

     The girls were doing great. Most of the boys have given up right now.

     “Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” yelled Rock. Then he stuffed a big heap of popcorn in his mouth. Then when he still had it in his mouth, he said:

     “Go girls!”

     “Eyew! He’s talking with his mouth full!” said Anne.

     The girls kept on fighting until all of the boys gave up except for Jeff and Vennessa.

     “So girls,” said Jeff. “We meet again.”

     “You’re never gonna beat us, Jeff! And you know it!” said Rosie.

     “Oh I do know it. That’s why I’ve come here to conquer the world! Well, actually, just to conquer you for now. Boys! Get back here!” said Jeff.

     “Aw, but Jeff-“ started Hilary.

     “Don’t aw me! Now get over here and fight these weaklings!” said Jeff.

     The boys came over. They started to fight. Then Hilary remembered the master plan and gave Vennessa the signal to come out with the lazer.

     “Hyahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” yelled Vennessa.

     She jumped out and blasted the hot lazer. But it accidentally hit the boys!

     “Alright Vennessa!” yelled Rock.

     “Vennessa! You idiot! Aim at the girls! Not the boys! G as in girls! Get it!?!” asked Jeff very madly.

     “No, you mean G as in GET YOUR SKINS OUT OF HERE!” screamed Vennessa.

     “Wow,” said Rock. “I never knew she could be so mean.”

     “Of-course she is, stupid! She’s a girl! Girls are weaklings!” said Jeff. “For pete sake Vennessa, give me that thing!”

     And with that, Jeff took it right out of her hands.

     “You evil, uh, evil…” started Vennessa.

     “Evil genius?” asked Jeff.

     “No!” said Vennessa. “You’re an evil imposter!”

     “HOW DARE YOU!” said Jeff.

     “Wow, an evil breakup. Awesome!” said Rock.

     The boys got weaker once more. Finally, they were useless.

     “Okay Jeff!” said Jenny. “We know your little plan!”

     “Really?” asked Jeff.

     “Yeah, really!” said Anne. “You’re out to destroy the world!”

     “Of-course I am!” said Jeff.

     “Come on, girls! Time to show Jeff who’s boss!” said Jenny.

     “You can never get me! I’m older!” said Jeff.

     “Maybe you are, but it’s not right for you to destroy the world! Come on, girls!” said Jenny.

     They flew towards Jeff but then he held up a lazer and blasted them. The girls fell to the ground.

     “You really think you cam beat me? I’m and evil genius!” said Jeff.

     “You’ll soon be an evil prisoner!” said Jenny.

     “But don’t you see?” asked Jeff. “By trying to defeat us only made our anger stronger! We are the invisible ones here!”

     “Come on, girls!” said Jenny.

     They fought for a long time again. They were beating up the boys and Vennessa. Then Anne came towards Rock.

     “Wait!” cried Rock. “What did I do? I’m rooting for you!”

     “You went along with Jeff and the boys at first. And you like me! That’s like so…so…mean!” said Anne.

     Then she punched him. All of the boys were defeated. They lost all of their superpowers.

     “Okay Vennessa!” said Jenny. “Now it’s your turn!”

     They went to fight each other. Vennessa was stronger than the girls thought, but they defeated her. Once they got her, Jenny said:

     “Okay Vennessa. Why did you team up with Jeff anyway?”

     “Because you guys stole my job!” said Vennessa.

     “We did? Ahhh! We’re criminals!” said Anne.

     “Of-course you are!” said Vennessa.

     “What job?” asked Jenny.

     “To save the world! To be a superhero! Duh!” said Vennessa.

     “But why are you being bad when you’re supposed to be doing good?” asked Jenny.

     “Because I want to destroy you! Duh!” said Vennessa.

     “Well sorry Vennessa, but your good days are over. Into the dungeon with you! You too Jeff, and the boys.” said Jenny.

     “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” yelled the team.

     “I’ll get you next time!” said Jeff.

     They threw them in jail.

     “Hello everyone, this is Alaina Live at the scene. These 13 superpowered little girls just saved the world from their evil brother Jeff, and his sidekick, Vennessa, and 10 other boys.” said Alania.  (Jeff and the gang are watching this)

     “You never kick a lady!” said Vennessa.

     (Back to Alania)

     “Well girls, the whole town is totally pleased with you. Have you given yourselves a name?” asked Alania.

     “Yes Alania.” said Jenny. “We are the Adventure Girls.”

     They took a picture of them.

     Then one week later…

     Another bad guy approaches. They defeat it. Everyone is happy. That’s how it was every single day. Everyone always honored them and said hello to them when they see them. Then one day, when they were walking down the street…

     “Wow!” said Anne. “We are so popular!”

     “Yeah! Just because we save the world and all!” said Jenny.

     “Well one thing’s for sure!” said Jenny.

     “What’s that?” asked Anne.

     “Whenever the world is in trouble, the Adventure Girls will be here!” said Jenny.

     Then out of nowhere, a gust of wind came by that seemed to say:

     “Good job girls. The world is safe now. You have completed your mission.”

     “Hey!” said Rosie. “Did you hear that?”

     “Yeah!” said Anne.

     “It sounded a lot like, Cara.” said Jenny.

     They smiled, and they were sure it was.


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