Chapter 11 - It Starts

     “Alright! Let’s go!” said Jeff to the team after school. They all started towards the girls’ house.

     “Okay girls!” said Jenny. “Let’s hide under the bed!”

     “Look! Here they come!” said Anne.

     They hid under the bed. Jeff went inside.

     “Mom! Where are my sisters?” Jeff asked his mom.

     “They’re up in their room.” answered Mrs. Ables.

     He took the boys upstairs. He sent the Begal Boys to bring them out. They took them out of their room.

     “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed the girls.

     “Okay!” said Jeff. “Let’s take them outside.”

     The girls started to put their superpowers on.

     “Sorry girls.” said Jeff. “There may be 11 boys, but we’ve got a girl on our side!”

     “Huh?” said the girls.

     “Allow me to introduce Vennessa!” said Jeff.

     “Hey! That’s looks like the girl who was saving the town when we were looking out the window!” said Rosie.

     “Maybe she’s mad at us!” said Anne.

     “See what I told you!?!” asked Rosie.

     “Refresh my memory, what did you tell me?” asked Anne.

     “I told you, we’re dead!” said Rosie.

     “Obviously.” said Jenny.

     The boys started towards them.

     “Alright, girls!” said Jenny. “Let’s see what we can really do!”

     The girls started to tackle some of the boys, and then some of the boys tackled the girls. When they had no power left, they fell to the ground.

     “Yeah! We won!” shouted the boys.

     “Your plan is working, Jeff!” said Hilary.

     “Of-course it is, dimwit!” said Jeff.

     “I we can get all of their power gone, we can rule the world!” said Jeff. “And I can just tell mom they died while fighting a monster!”

     “And we can go to their funeral!” said Rock.

     “No Rock, what’s the point of destroying them if we’re going to go to their funeral?” asked Jeff.

     “Uhhh, oh yeah. But if the funeral would be on a Tuesday, then it would be opposite day, right?” asked Rock.

     “Rock, you’re an opposite day.” said Jeff.

     “Really?” asked Rock. “Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait, Jeff!”

     “Well you’re gonna have to. Okay boys! Time for a lunch break! After lunch we’ll have another victory!” said Jeff.

     They all sat down for lunch.

     “Hilary, did you make sure that Rock packed the lunches?” asked Jeff.

     “Sure did!” said Hilary.

     “Good. And by the way, what is it?” asked Jeff.

     “Sandwiches! My favorite!” said Rock.

     “Oh boy…” said Vennessa.

     “Here! I packed exactly 200!” said Rock.

     “200!?!” said everybody.

     “Hey! Don’t look at me! Ed made them and I packed them!” said Rock.

     “What? I was just karate chopping the tomatoes and onions!” said Ed.  

     “Hurray for you.” said Vennessa.

     As they were eating, the picnic basket flew over to the girls’ backyard.

     “Hey! Look! Sandwiches!” said Anne.

     “Boy, I could sure use one of those!” said Rosie.

     “DIG IN!” shouted Jenny.

     After they were done eating, Anne said:

     “Wow, we still have some left over!”

     “Let’s go see where they came from!” said Jenny.

     So they did. Then from behind a tree, they saw the boys.

     “It’s they boys!” whispered Jenny.

     “Eyew! You mean we were eating boy cooties!?!” asked Anne.

     “Shut up, Anne!” said Rosie.

     Then Rock heard Anne.

     “Hi Annie!” Rock said as he waved to her.

     “Hey!” said Jeff. “Didn’t we say we’d have a fight after lunch?”

     “Actually, you said that we’d win a victory!” said Rock.

     Then Jeff punched him.

     “What!?! I thought I was being smart for once!” said Rock.

     “Anyway, we’re going to have a food fight.” said Jeff.

     “Yeah!” shouted the boys.

     Then Jeff shouted,

     “FOOD FIGHT!”

     When the boys came running towards them, Jenny said:

     “I think we ought to get or sandwiches and have a food fight.”

     “Hurry!” said Rosie.

     “Food fight! Food fight!” said the boys as they were coming closer.

     They all started to fight. There was no way the girls could beat the boys.

     “This is too hard!” shouted Anne.

     Eventually, the boys beat the girls.

     “Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Shake your booty!” cheered Rock.

     “Pathetic.” said Vennessa.

     “Alright!” said Jeff. Everyone is free to go home for today!”

     Everyone went home.

     “This is horrible!” said Jenny.

     “Yeah!” said Anne. “Our mission is to save the world but instead, we lost.”

     “It’s not fair!” said Rosie. “Jeff has 12 and we only have 3!”

     “I know!” said Anne.

     “We need a new strategy!” said Jenny.

     “Let’s think!” said Rosie.

     At the Begal Boys’ house…

     “Wahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” cheered Rock.

     “What are you wahooing about, Rock?” asked Hilary.

     “The football game! It’s about to start!” said Rock.

     “Oh boy…” said Hilary.

     “You know, this fooball game reminds me of tackling the girls!” said Rock.     

     “By the way, Rock, how’s that girlfriend of yours coming along? You just said you wanted to tackle the girls!” said Ed.

     “What the heck!?! I’ve been hurting my girlfriend and I didn’t even know it! From now on, I swear a vow to never hurt Annie or her sisters again!” said Rock.

     “But Rock! You can’t quit! You’re part of the team! You have to fight!” said Hilary.

     “Nope.” said Rock.

     “Why?” asked Ed.

     “Because I can’t go back on my word!” said Rock.

     “But there’ll only be 11!” said Hilary.

     “Sorry boys, but I’m in a world of my own. So see ya!” said Rock. 

     Then he went out of the room.

     “Thanks a lot, Ed!” said Hilary.

     Then Hilary went out of the room.

     Then Ed said:

     “Why does everyone always blame me?”
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