Chapter 1 - The Beginning

     A long time ago, probably about medieval times, there was a man who wrote a prophecy.  Not just any prophecy, one that would surely come true.  The prophecy told of a girl in the future that would go into a secret world and unlock the code to the all-powerful orb that contained all of the supernatural powers.  (that’s a mouthful) Then she would become the ruler of all superpowers.  But the girl was not selfish.  She gave all of the people she knew superpowers so that they could defend their world against all evil.  But all of the people thought of it as a story and didn’t expect it to actually happen.  But the man who wrote it always believed in his stories and knew it would come true. 

     Centuries later, the prophecy did come true.  The girl’s name was Cara.  She was fourteen years old when she found the orb.  It happened when she fell into a hole in the ground that lead to a secret world. Cara was a little scared at first but then she spotted a glow from behind the bushes.  She walked behind them and saw the orb.  Her mouth hung wide open as she stared at the glowing mystery.  Cara wanted to touch it but was too afraid that it was hot and it would burn her.  She walked up close to it, careful with each step.  Then she found a note on the podium the orb was on.  It read:


The all-powerful orb is the one of the greatest powers of all.  It will not hurt you, but only villains.  Take your rightful place and be the first to experience its power…


     Cara didn’t understand it before, but now reading the note, she knew exactly what she should do.  She was going to be the ruler of all superpowers.  Cara picked up the orb and suddenly her clothes were transformed into a blue and pink superpower suit.  She could feel the power of the orb in her.  She was the very first person to ever have superpowers.  Then she was instantly on Mars, which became her new home.  Soon things started to fall from the sky and Cara got to give them superpowers.  She even got people (or creatures) working for her so she could keep her superpower business (or so she called it) running.  And sooner or later came along three little girls…


     Our real story begins in an unusual place.  And that place is a fire work factory.  No one knew who the person was, but whoever he may be, he may surely be called a miracle worker.  For this person has changed the world.  And this is where our story begins, on this wondrous day…


     You see, the person, whoever he may be, was making some fireworks, but he accidentally mixed up the ingredients the wrong way.  Now the fireworks had more power which meant they can go higher.  But here’s the catch, no one knew that it happened.  So they were boxed up delivered to the store.  Then a man bought them for the 4th of July firework show.  When it was time to send them off, a blast came out from them as they exploded.  No one really knew what was happening; this never had happened at a firework show before.  The explosion was so big that some of the sparks actually made it up to space and into an unusual place – Mars’ orbit! As the some of the sparks landed on the planet, three of them transformed into three little girls as they touched Mars.  There was a blonde, a brunette, and red head.  The blonde had long hair, measuring down to her hips.  She was wearing a purple shirt and skirt with red heart hair clips on both sides of her head.  The brunet had short hair coming to a about her shoulders.  She had a red-violet colored shirt and skirt with two flowers on both sides of her head, the same color as her attire.  The red head had curly, short hair and was wearing pigtails.  She had a blue-green shirt and skirt with a pink and yellow stripped party hat with a little purple streamer coming out of it.  All three had light colored skin and were wearing black flat dress shoes.  They all also had their hair accessory on their shirts.  Then Cara appeared where the girls were created.  Cara was now the ruler of Mars and superpowers.  Everyone respected her.  She went over to the just-created little girls and asked them some questions.

     “Hello! Are you new on Mars?” Cara asked.

     “Uh, I guess so, since we just appeared here.” said the blonde. 

     “Well great! Come on! I need to examine you!” exclaimed Cara.

     “What do you mean?” asked the brunette.

     “I need to see what kind of girls you are and where you came form!” replied Cara. 

     “Okay!” said the red head.

     They went to the exam room.

     “Okay, this is very simple. All you have to do is stand under here and it will examine you!” explained Cara.

     The girls were unsure of this but they tried it.  There was a tracking computer hooked up to the examiner that was calculating the girls’ beings.  They stood there, waiting to hear the results from Cara.   

     “Hm, this is very weird.  It says that you were created by some sort of powdery ingredient and you were somehow up in the sky at one point.  Do you remember any of this?” asked Cara.

     The three girls just shook their heads.

     “Hey! It also says that you will get superpowers when you get to Earth!” said Cara.

     “Where’s Earth?” the girls asked in unison.

     “Earth is right over there.” said Cara.  She showed them through her big telescope.  “Everyone has a chance to go to Earth someday, except for me, because I am the ruler of Mars, and ruler of all superpowers.  And by the way, my name is Cara. Anyway, the computer says you should go right now.  You will be sent into a green computerized box that you cannot get out of until somebody on Earth creates you!”

     “Wow!” said the brunette.

     “You must go and save the world from evil.  If you don’t, the world will never be a safe place.  Don’t worry.  You’ll do great.” said Cara.

     “Let’s hope so!” said the blonde.

     Cara zapped a green 3-D box.

     “Now girls, walk in it. And remember, the world is counting on you!” said Cara.

     “Wait!” yelled the blonde.  “When will we get the superpowers that you were going to grant us?”

     “You’ll get them your third day on earth!” said Cara.  “Now hurry! Earth is waiting to be saved!”

     The girls stepped into the green, transparent box. When all three were inside, the box started to move.

     “Hey! Who said anything about moving!?!” yelled the blonde.

     Their green box started to move down through space as Cara waved goodbye from Mars.

     “Goodbye girls! The world is counting on you!” yelled Cara. 

     “No pressure.” she said after they were gone. 

     As they were moving at light speed through space, the box reached a certain point and stopped.  

     “Hey! It stopped!” said the brunette.

     “Thanks miss points out the obvious!” said the red head sarcastically.     

     Then while all of this is happening, down on Earth…
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